UK indie dance trio Patawawa are next up in our Magnetic Mix series. A little different from the DJs we normally have in this, Patawawa create joyous disco and funk, playing live and DJing. They got their start in 2015, culminating with the release of their debut album Power Up just last month. Hailing from Matlock in the midlands, Patawawa sprinkle together guitars, smoky vocals and synth work for an album to remind us of summer and better times.

The trio stop in for a new mix that is their soundtrack to a night in Matlock and a mis that you can take to a Saturday night wherever you are. They have been regulars in our charts for the past few years now and it was time for them to make a mix.

“This is a standard Saturday night soundtrack for us over in Matlock,” say Patawawa, “we hope you enjoy it!"

Listen to the mix and follow along with the track that features tunes by Purple Disco Machine, Dave Lee, Kano and others.


1. Patrice Rushen - I Was Tired Of Being Alone
2. Inland Knights Feat Da Sunlounge - Crazed
3. Kano - Don't Try To Stop Me (Briexo Edit)
4. Andy Hart - Epsilon Girls
5. Evelyn Champagne King - I'm In Love (Joey Negro Tribute To Kashif Mix)
6. Ron Basejam - Motha Sucka
7. Mario Basanov - We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix)
8. Detroit Swindle - The Breakup
9. EL-X - Get Up And Dance
10. Purple Disco Machine - Emotion
11. Malente - The Law Is Wrong
12. Gynamukat- Enjoy Your Life (Afro Disco Re-Edit)
13. Harvey Mason - On And On