Producer and vocalist Kate Ellwanger aka Dot is next up in our Magnetic Mix series. As part of LA beat collective Team Supreme, she has produced for the likes of SZA, Hazel Rose, Nora Rothman, Teri GenderBender, in addition to making her own music. In 2020, she embarked on an ambitious solo project under the alias Dot where she made 75 new beats in 50 days. At the end, she sat down to polish off the best tracks and watched an album take shape that would become her fourth solo effort, life support.

“A few days before the pandemic started in the US, I was running a producer challenge with hundreds of artists from around the world to create five new songs in five days, and to see what was possible when we set aside our excuses and doubts for a week and just focused on creating. As the world began to shut down and familiar structures fell apart, I decided to keep this pattern going,” Ellwanger explains.

This gelled into the 16-track life support -- a sonically diverse record with some melodic bass music, glitchy electro, soft ambient and more. It moves quickly, so you will have to be on your toes with this beat tape. 

With the new album still fresh, the Idaho-based producer made us a mix that includes many of those tracks, plus a fair amount of unreleased Dot material and music from artists like Four Tet, SG Lewis, and Anna Lunoe. Keep up with the tracklist because this mix doesn’t dwell on any tracks for long.

“This mix is a selection of a lot of the new tracks I’ve been working on recently, as well as some music from other artists who have been inspiring me these days," explains Dot. "I tried to pack as much energy into this as possible, and am excited to play some of these songs out live in the near future as the world begins to open up again!”


1. Dot - Unreleased
2. Dot - Unreleased
3. Dot - aliens do exist
4. Dot - why am i
5. Dot - ya huh
6. Dot - Unreleased
7. Dot - jupiter bounce
8. Dot - Unreleased
9. Dot - do you
10. Dot - all my girls
11. Doja Cat - Say So (Snakehips Remix)
12. Teedra Moses & KAYTRANADA - Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition)
13. Dot - Unreleased
14. Dot - Unreleased
15. Four Tet - Parallel 4
16. Channel Tres - Skate Depot
17. SG Lewis & Lucky Daye - Feed The Fire
18. Bosq - Found Your Love (ft. Kuyen)
19. B-Sights - My Love
20. Sheeqo Beat - Turn On the Bass
21. Dot - Unreleased
22. Aluna - The Recipe (The Martinez Brothers Remix)
23. Anna Lunoe - 303
24. Dot - life support
25. Dot - nonphysical digital
26. Shygirl - Freak
27. Dot - Unreleased
28. Saweetie - Best Friend (ft. Doja Cat) (Dot Flip)
29. Dot - Unreleased
30. Dot - Unreleased
31. Dot - Unreleased
32. Dot - Unreleased
33. Dot - Unreleased
34. Mattu - FWM (ft. Trophie)