Experimental electronic Zambian producer, Wamya Tembo aka SHE Spells Doom is next up in our Magnetic Mix series. Drawing influences from 80s Sci-Fi/Horror movies, Congolese Rhumba/Soukousand, Gqom and early 2000s rap production, SHE Spells Doom combines all of that with house in techno into a unique sound.

With releases on labels like Monsart, NEVER DECAY and Crème Records, SHE Spells Doom has developed a growing and impressing discography over the past seven years. This mix has one original and a remix from SHE Spells Doom to give you an idea of his music, while also adding tunes from KG & UNIIQU3, Ikonika, Off The Meds, Sampa The Great, Galcher Lustwerk and more 

Providing thoughtful builds, a hazy blend between tracks and plenty of energy, this mix shows some of the best of what he has to offer. It is a slow ramp up, but once it takes hold, the drum work does not let you out of its grips for the entire mix. This is one for dancing and a shot of adrenaline if you need a boost to get through the day.

Listen to it below and follow along with the tracklist.


1. Galcher Lustwerk - Cig Angel (Dance Mix)
2. Autechre - Bike
3. TD_Nasty - MOE
4. Dan Miles - Silken Fibers
5. Sylvere - Buzzing ting
6. Dave Quam - Snare Screams
7. SHE Spells Doom - Jet Black
9. High Graid - Vixen
10. Callosum - DRUMTRAK
11. precolumbian - MORPHINE X RESPIRATOR (Princess Nokia x WILHELMINA Blend)
12. PHSNWSKY - Dryfield (SHE Spells Doom Remix)
13. Ikonika - Psoriasis
14. Off The Meds - Wena
15. marvelito - lito's theme
16. Sampa The Great - OMG
17. KG & UNIIQU3 - B2B
18. Broke One - Gravity