Iceland raised Intr0beatz is a lover of great grooves, homemade hot sauce and cats. He goes deep and funky with his records, including a new EP Good Luck that was just released yesterday on his label Cosmic Angles. Releasing his debut EP in 2015 with Shur-I-Kan’s Dark Energy Records, he has become a staple of the Icelandic underground ever since.

With the cosmic new EP out now, we asked Intr0beatz to spin up a Magnetic Mix for us that has some deep house, a touch of disco and all around good vibes to brighten up what could be a gloomy day. He also has another EP Irregularity coming later next month, which you get taste of in this mix.

“I wanted to give people a taste of my own music along with other tracks that I’ve been playing for the past years that I really love,” he says of the mix. “All of my tunes will be released this year on my label, Cosmic Angles."


1. Phillippa - LMK
2. Mr.G - Praise
3. Intr0beatz - Improvise
4. Viktor Bigiss - My Neighbour
5. Adam Zahran - Float Time(Jesusdapnk Remix)
6. Intr0beatz - Keep It Moving’
7. Alex Jones - Antiqua
8. Intr0beatz - Irregularity
9. Anil Aras - Untitled
10. Dimi Wilson - Foosive D(James Dexter Remix)
11. Intr0beatz - Things We Overcome
12. Intr0beatz - Word