Scottish DJ Kevin McKay just celebrated the staggering 500th release on his label Glasgow Underground with a new album Summer Of Love comprised of tracks conceived, produced or remixed (or remixes commissioned) by McKay. It is designed to be like a DJ mix from McKay with tunes by Flashmob, himself and others. With the idea of a DJ mix in mind, we had McKay mix our latest Magnetic Mix (get it?).

The mix takes some of the songs from the Summer of Love album and intersperses them in with other tracks that he is feeling at the moment. With a wealth of music as the head of one of the biggest labels in house music right now, McKay has quite the library to choose from.

Usually, when McKay does sets, it is largely his own edits and stuff from the GU catalog, but with the wealth of new house music out there that is finally inspiring him, he includes some of those tracks in this mix.

“I generally find it quite hard to track down new music that I love so, a lot of the time, my DJ sets are made up of a lot of my own edits and tracks from Glasgow Underground. For this mix, I wanted to challenge myself to track down some other producers that feel the same way I do about the dance floor and put together a mix that was at least < 50% of my usual stuff,” McKay explains. 

“Maybe it’s the popularity of house right now but, for the first time in ages, I found loads of stuff I loved. Artists like John Summit, Kyle Walker, Noizu and T.Markakis are all creating the kind of things that are perfect for my sets. Here's some music from them, alongside my favorite productions and GU releases of now."

Last year, McKay wrote a guest op-ed for us about the need for a better licensing system when it comes to sampling. 

1. Lambert & Handle - Get In Love (Right Now) (Kevin McKay Remix)
2. Kevin McKay and Joshwa (UK) - Such A Good Feeling (Earth n Days Remix)
3. Junior Jack - E Samba (The Cube Guys & Kevin McKay Remix)
4. Kevin McKay and Moreno Pezzolato - 1, 2 Step (Kevin's Disco Mix)
5. Mallin and Kevin McKay - Lose Your Love
6. Kevin McKay and Rozie Gyems - Pearls
7. Flashmob - Deeper Underground (Kevin McKay Remix)
8. Tanera - Magic Underwear (Kevin McKay Remix)
9. Kevin McKay - Come Together
10. Kevin McKay and Lee Cabrera - Gimme Gimme Feat. Bleech (Club Mix)
11. Paul Rudder and Cøhen - Flowers At My Balcony (Kevin McKay Edit)
12. CASSIMM and Kevin McKay - Save Me (Qubiko Remix)
13. Sam Dexter, Elliotte Williams-N'Dure - Real Love (Kevin McKay Edit)
14. Kevin McKay, Tom Caruso - Freak Like Me (Kevin's ViP Edit)
15. David Penn and Kevin McKay - Hallelujah (Odyssey Inc. Remix)