M w S are an upcoming songwriting duo from a small town in Italy, that have recently made London their home for creating their soulful and electronic infused pop sound. Their newest single “Too Young to Know” blends a mellow chill house instrumentation style alongside an angelic, breathtaking top line. Really loving the use of her voice on this one and the guitar use through out. I see these two doing very big things in 2019, I've had this single on repeat for a good week now. Stream M w S's single “Too Young to Know” below now and under that read a quote from the duo on how the song came about under that! Enjoy:

‘Too Young to Know' is a song about realizing how important something is only when you have already lost it. Even though the whole world seems to think it's too late, there's nothing you wouldn't do to try and take it back. It's a kind of nostalgia that's happy and sad at the same time. The past, present and future of the ‘story' behind it intertwine through the song. We also decided to include some ‘samples' of a poem we wrote in Italian and recorded in the studio during the song's session.” – M w S