Miami based producer Luis Crucet is an impressive up and coming producer who just dropped his new EP, Current. The hybrid 5-track-release flawlessly blends effervescent indie electronic soundscapes into a chilled out future trap vibe, similar sounding to something that would come off of Odezsa's imprint Foreign Family Collective. Crucet's Current EP features his own vocals along with guest performances by Jenni Wagoner and Silk Matthews. Overall this is a dreamy project that is well worth tuning into. Dive in now below and check out a quote from the artist on a few of the tracks.

“'Mist' is about being in peace with your mind and finding tranquil through tough times. ‘Lines' is a 5-year-old song that was remade to the final version of what it is now featuring Jenni Wagoner. The song is about finding the light at the end of the tunnel, by staying focused and letting things fall into place” – Luis Crucet