LA Based DJ-Producer Slowpalace has released his own festival ready interpretation of Los Vegas producer Lucchii’s track “Chosen Ones,” (feat. DAD). In his remix, released with Music High Court, Slowpalace gives us a melodic yet powerful drop, but leaves the breaks open with atmosphere and cinematic effects. Since the formation of his alias in 2017, Slowpalace’s fanbase has grown incredibly fast, already raking in thousands of views on his songs. Among those listeners: high-profile artists like San Holo and LICK, who have both supported Slowpalace’s work. Slowpalace even collaborated with LICK on his track “Disappear.” With his latest remix, Slowpalace continues to show the trap scene that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Check out a quote from the artist and stream the remix below now.

“The inspiration behind my remix was to simply create a dark, epic, and emotional vibe that could coexist with the vocal” – Slowpalace.