Loraine James has announced her new album Reflection, which will be released in June on Hyperdub. To help push the LP, she has released a new single “Simple Stuff.” Reflection features the likes of Baths, Xavier Stone and Iceboy Violet.

“Simple Stuff” is minimal, drum-filled and ready for late night, with a vocal that says “I like the simple stuff, you like the simple things - what does that bring to me?”

Loraine James has been one of the rising exciting artists over the past several years. She released her previous album For You and I in September 2019.

Reflection will be released on June 4 via Hyperdub. Pre-order it here.


1. Built to Last (ft. Xavier Stone)
2. Let’s Go
3. Simple Stuff
4. Black Ting (ft. Le3 bLack)
5. Insecure Behaviour and Fuckery (ft. Nova)
6. Self Doubt (Leaving the Club Early)
7. On The Lake Outside (ft. Baths)
8. Reflection
9. Change
10. Running Like That (ft. Eden Samara)
11. We’re Building Something New (ft. Iceboy Violet)