Moniker of London-based producer Jack Chown, Kiskadee is a little-known tour de force with an incredibly bright future. His music has a unique ability to blend elements of electronic production with organic percussion and textured elements, that place him just outside of any genre boundaries. The new single "Down" is a perfect example of how he manages this, with effervescent synth elements layered over an organic drum groove that reminds us acutely of Bonobo or Pedestrian.

The new single "Down," serves as the budding producer's debut but he’s no stranger to the realms of electronic music. Working behind the scenes, he’s been involved with projects from Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Tycho Jones and BIIANCO; he’s also engineered for the likes of Jessie Ware, M.I.A and HAELOS. Speaking on his new single, he states:

"The project began in early 2020 when I was gearing up for a creative trip to Iceland to collect sounds / visuals for this project. Covid hit and I was forced to rethink, instead reaching out to friends + musicians on social media; asking for them to send in voice-notes that reflected their experiences of lockdown and isolation.

I started flipping these sounds into beats and posted them onto Instagram as I went. The instant feedback and back-and-forth from a growing community of fans/collaborators started to shape the sound of the project. After a while I set about cutting, combining and extending these posts into four tracks ready for release: the 'UP__DOWN EP'"

Pick up a copy of the song here.