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Izabel’s debut EP, SCENARIOS, marks a significant step in her musical journey, showcasing her growth as an artist under the Berlin-based label Stereofox. Produced by the talented Monro and TromBobby, the four-track project delivers a rich blend of R&B and soul, certain to spark the interest for fans of artists like Jhené Aiko and AMARIA BB. The EP stands out for its intricate vocal arrangements and polished production, capturing the complexities of modern relationships and emotional struggles. Explaining the concept of the EP, izabel explains it “represents different imaginary situationships between someone and me, or my girlfriends telling me stories about what is going on in their love life lately and I think a lot of people can relate. I mean, we live at times where people don’t care about how you actually feel, majority of them are afraid to really show love and sympathy because these are signs of vulnerability, and people don’t like to be seen as “weak”, at least this is my observation. However, me and my bf are actually really cool, that’s why I have to make-up “Scenarios” to keep it interesting or represent in front of my girlies. The only track that represents our relationship is the intro, which I decided to name “Take 7” because it took me 7 takes to do it right

The concept behind SCENARIOS is both personal and relatable. Izabel crafts vivid, imaginary “situationships” inspired by her friends’ romantic tales and her own observations about contemporary love. The introductory track, “Take 7,” is a raw portrayal of her relationship, humorously named after the number of takes it took to perfect it.

Each song on the EP explores different facets of vulnerability and the hesitancy to express true emotions, themes that resonate deeply in today’s emotionally cautious society.

Izabel’s ability to convey heartfelt stories through her music is complemented by the seamless collaboration with Monro and TromBobby, whose expertise has helped shape the EP’s sound. SCENARIOS not only highlights Izabel’s lyrical prowess but also her dedication to creating music that is both authentic and resonant. This debut promises a bright future for the emerging R&B artist.

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