Get ready to break your neck because Krimer just dropped his heaviest EP to date. Released Never Say Die Black Label, Krime Time will have filthy bass pulsing through your entire existence.

With absolute banger after banger, this four-track EP is captivating from start to finish. Each track is saturated with Krimer’s signature screeching synths and ripping basslines. He shows no mercy with this one.

The EP starts f with a collaboration from vocalist Mikey Ceaser for the hip-hop inspired track ‘Damage.’

Spag Heddy also joins the party to create the unforgiving sound ‘Got Dam!’ — this could easily be the gnarliest collaboration 2018. Be prepared for this track to make its way to festival sets and underground bass shows alike.

Krimer shows f his production skills with the two originals ‘Countdown’ and ‘Switch’ — and we aren’t left disappointed. Both tracks showcase Krimer’s clean, stabbing sound that he has been honing in recently. 

Which track is your favorite? Give Krime Time a listen and let us know in the comments below.