Lila Tirando A Violeta is releasing her debut album ‘Limerencia' NAAFI on August 21.

The eight-track LP was written during a period of physical recovery and ongoing neurological medical treatment for the Uruguayan artist.

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A single from the record ‘Dry Season’, a collaboration with Irish artist Lighght, is out now and can be heard here.

Further collaborators featured on the album are Nick León, PRJCTN, Abssys and EL PLVYBXY.

Pre-order 'Limerencia' Bandcamp and listen to a teaser below.

Lila Tirando A Violeta announces debut album 'Limerencia' on NAAFI

01. Nuevo Paris Piano
02. Maldoror feat. Nick León and PRJCTN
03. Flores & El Mar
04. Noche Tótem feat. Abssys
05. Interlude (Alien Ciego)
06. Mariposas & Fuego feat. Nick León
07. Dry Season feat. Lighght
08. Lagrima Viva feat. EL PLVYBXY

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