Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere courtesy of super-talent Petar Dundov. Known for his deep and powerful progressive techno, his latest offering, "Overtone," is truly a standout piece of work. Taken from the forthcoming 20 Years: Cocoon Recordings compilation, "Overtone" is an instant classic; a record that will surely resonate with listeners for years to come. 

From the moment you press play, you are instantly transported to another dimension. The lush and detailed atmosphere fills you with emotion, and the slow-burning melody builds continuously over the course of the record, hitting peak time ecstasy, which then gently brings you back to reality. This is one of our favorite records of the year so far. "Overtone" will be available on February 19th on vinyl and digital. 

Track: Overtone

Artist: Petar Dundov

Label: Cocoon

Format: Vinyl & Digital

Release Date: 2-19-21