Today, Lights Out brings you another exclusive premiere from the French techno label Skryptöm. Taken from his forthcoming double EP, Expedition To Mars, Albert Salvatierra's "Something Strange Behind The Rocks" is a driving club cut with an eerie, chirping synth lead that perfectly encapsulates the track's title. The story of the EP is as follows: 

"An unexpected journey of a space crew to the Planet of Mars. One of the crew members realizes that he is actually an alien and he discovers a rare find on the Red Planet. Another alien has been transmitting a signal from another planet to be found and after the signal was, luckily, heard by him, they traveled back to Earth to get connected and to create magic through their music."

Albert's Expedition To Mars EP will be available on June 18th in digital format. 

Track: Something Strange Behind The Rocks
Artist: Albert Salvatierra
Label: Skryptöm
Format: Digital
Release Date: 6-18-21