Berlin-based producer and songwriter Liam Mour is in the perfect place to hone and develop his craft. Apart from Berlin, becoming a cultural haven for musicians looking for a financially stable and culturally sympathetic place to create their work, Liam is also working out of world-famous Funkhaus Studios. It’s here that Liam has been crafting some of the most exciting electronic music across Europe in the past few years, touching on elements of Four Tet, Floating Points and Daniel Avery with his own unique production style.

Last year, he also went on to launch his own label imprint, which would serve as a vehicle for his compositions and creative vision. The new single "When I Look In Your Eyes" is the penultimate track from a stunning EP that crosses all corners of the electronic music landscape. It’s a stunning piece of ambient electronica that builds from a simplistic but gorgeous melody, subtly building in momentum to an epic crescendo. Speaking on the new single, Liam states:

“I wanted to make a song for myself which motivates me every time I feel weak and lost. It’s a song I can listen to a hundred times a day. It really helps me to survive the current pandemic as it triggers my self-confidence somehow. It’s a song which looks me in the eyes and tells me to stay strong. I wanted to share this mood with others who have the same feelings.“

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