Liam Gallagher has spoken about the passing of his friend Keith Flint of The Prodigy.

The former Oasis man was talking to BEATS 1 presenter Matt Wilkinson, saying The Prodigy still have it in them to continue without the late Keith.

Referring to a chat he'd had with The Prodigy's Liam Howlett, Gallagher said: "It's like I said to him, 'do you know what I mean, I think there's room for The Prodigy still, you know what I mean, with or without Keith'. They're that kind of band that kind of adapt to that kind of thing."

He added that "it's terrible he [Keith] got to that stage where he just had to do something like that."

Liam also spoke about a night out with Marilyn Manson, meeting Harry Styles, who Liam described as a "dude", and about family being the "most important thing in the world".

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