What a perfect EP to end summer with. WRLD’s Chase It EP is finally out for everyone to enjoy. The 4 track EP combines the best part of future bass, pop and a bit of glitch hop for a perfect addition to your end of summer playlist. Check out the full EP below and make sure to purchase it now.

Chase It EP – WRLD

If you haven’t already check out the post on the title track Chase It here and let us know what you thought about it in the comments below. The second track off the EP, “Echo,” takes a step into the future bass section combining the vocals of Richard Caddock with an infectious summer vibe perfect for those evening drives with the setting sun in your rearview mirror. This track has immense replayability and will be a staple in my playlists for months to come.

“Style” keeps the groovy vibe going with some Daft Punk-esque vocals (think “Give Life Back to Music”) and that excellent synthesizer sound WRLD has throughout the EP. “Producing with Style” is the saying going through my head, you know kind of like Woody when he says “falling with style” except this is a compliment. I can groove to this every day.

The final track on the EP titled “Little Too Close” is a break from the glitch-hop and gives us a Worlds-esque track to keep us wanting more and more. Veronika Redd’s vocals are light and airy combining with the heavy driving synth melody creating a remarkable piece to close your eyes too.

The 17-year-old producer proves yet again this is only the beginning for WRLD. If this is the quality of music we are seeing from the Norwegian producer now, we are in for an amazing couple years as he continues to expand and grow as an artist. Monstercat continues to bring in some of the best new talent out there and is definitely becoming a leader in the electronic music industry.

Purchase the EP now from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp along with giving WRLD a follow on Twitter and like on Facebook. Keep track of all Monstercat releases on their website along with joining them on Twitch for their podcasts.

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