Minneapolis duo Lazenlow is back, this time with the release of their EP “w/a/v/e/s”. The six-track EP is a wonderfully balanced mix of Indie, Electro, and Trip Hop. Members Gillian Needham and Ghost Channels took the inspiration from of some of their favorite artists and applied it towards most of the tracks on “w/a/v/e/s”, such as “dandelions” and the title single “w/a/v/e/s”. A couple of my personal favorites are “mightylongtime” and “dust”. Ghost Channels goes into further detail on the process behind those tracks.

“mightylongtime”: “I believe this was the second song we had written for the EP. We were listening to the fantastic Moonlight EP by Disclosure that came out last year. I absolutely loved the sound of the sampled jazz acapella that they used. So I dug through some things and found an acapella group version of “Hello Stranger” by Barbara Lewis and the rest of the song kind of tumbled out of that.”

“dust (feat. NUR-D)”: “This is the first song we had written for the EP, we knew we wanted a rapper and asked around for a few months and nothing really happened with it. We ended up on a bill with this rapper named NUR-D and we were both BLOWN AWAY by his style and energy. (seriously go see him live if you can) and we asked him nicely to be a feature on this track and bam the rest is history.”

Overall the EP is a groovy, low-key soundtrack with a powerful backbone. “w/a/v/e/s” is available now!