A name we have all come to know and love, LAXX, has ficially released his debut album. Entitled, ‘Fake Friends', it is a work art full everything you could ever ask for as a bass music fan.

A 13 track album that really speaks for itself, ‘Fake Friends' is full crazy breaks, captivating drops and clinical sound design. Each song reflects this producers incredible talent and growth, every track seems to set itself apart but also coincides well with the album as a whole. It is an exploration into sound and continues through with the the utmost fluidity.

‘Fake Friends' also has an underlying theme that resonates throughout. The album essentially delves into the conversation social media obsession in a technologically driven age. Personally, I think this theme beautifully represents what LAXX is going for and it is definitely a topic that needs to be addressed more, especially when it comes to music and how we view it through social media.

Make sure to check out LAXX's debut album here…

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