SZNS7N boss L U C Y has announced a new EP, 'Project Ghost', which will be released on December 18.

The four-tracker will be available only on vinyl and streaming.

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As the artist explains on Instagram, the EP title and artwork (also designed by L U C Y) is inspired by UK garage legend El-B.

She notes, “This is my last release of the year and I want it to go out with a percussive bang. This whole body of work takes influence from a range of UK club focused sounds with special mention to Tessela, El-B, Massive Attack and Nookie who inspired it not just sonically, but in the track titles too.”

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1. Hackney Pigeon
2. Ghost
3. Naughty P
4. Attack

L U C Y will drop her final project of the year, 'Project Ghost'
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