KSHMR and Sidnie Tipton do it again! The ultra-prolific producer and the soulful singer first linked up for “Wildcard,” the ultra-catchy main-stage banger that dominated 2016. Now, they’re back for a follow-up collaboration with a much more mature record on KSHMR’s label Dharma.

“House Of Cards” demonstrates KSHMR’s ability to produce cross-genre hits. The record is certainly more ‘muted’ than the mainstage bangers that we’ve come to expect from KSHMR – but in a good way. It’s a synth-driven piece which features a catchy rifts throughout that pair perfectly with Sidnie Tipton’s soulful vocals.

The track was first previewed a little over two weeks ago, but the full version gives us a much broader sense the track, including that addictive guitar riff and Tipton’s effortless vocals. Check it out below.