Koven has released Board Game on Monstercat’s label. The London based duo of Katie Boyle and Max Rowat have been shaping my musical tastes for the past few years. This unique pair is part drum and bass, part melodic dubstep, and they have done nothing but put out fantastic music for the better part of the last seven years. With song releases on multiple labels such as Monstercat, Anjuna, and Viper to name a few, Koven is one of a few select artists that have the ability to show up on any label and crush it.

Board Game starts with a gentle melody followed by Katie’s iconic voice. Dark synths add size as the dynamic track builds to the drop. The drop hits with an edge that displays a filthy half-step trap style. The track builds toward the second drop which fires off like a 50 caliber machine gun turret. This drop is more dub/drumstep with secondary life to it that has a hint of dnb. This is a violent song in the most beautiful way. That second drop is so good I will just say it now, it will be hard to knock this one off its pedestal as my track of the year. The chaos in this song is matched in intensity by Katie’s compelling vocals. Violins enter at the break and the song builds up energy in preparation for the outro. Board Game closes off with the first trap drop. As the song closes out you hear what can only be described as electricity climbing Jacobs Ladder. Koven's sound creation has always been on another level and this track is no exception. This is some of the best work I have heard from Koven and it only solidifies them as the number 1 spot on my artist bucket list.

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