Marking their return to Frequency Music, Kleak & Veebu excitedly debut their “Come & Go” featuring Noa Angell. “Come & Go” will be a part of their debut EP coming later this year, and is a contemplative, reminiscent song about the past.

An anthemic combination of radio-ready pop and electronic music, “Come & Go” is a truly wonderfully-written and produced record. Vibrant instrumentation drives the first verse under Noa Angell’s lively vocal performance, before a captivating bridge helps build up the energy towards the drop with shiny electric guitar chords and filtered low end. The climax finally explodes with the help of groovy basslines and atmospheric vocal chops, cementing “Come & Go” as an instant hit with massive replay value. 

“‘Come & Go’ is a track that mirrors the journey we undergo when we shift from living within our comfort zone to suddenly being forced outside of it. Given the current state of the world, instability is a daily occurrence that we face, much like the end of a relationship. The phrase ‘thinking back on the memories' offers a sense of nostalgia while providing hope that everything is just temporary. We started writing this song following the success of our single ‘Where You Are,' so we immediately reached back out to Noa Angell to provide her unique vocal flare. Layered with emotional chords and a blend of dance pop and electro funk, ‘Come & Go’ represents the new sound that defines Kleak & Veebu, explains the duo.