Kerala's debut EP drops next month and he's back with the final single. “What If” features Marie Lang on vocals and it's everything we've come to know and love about this relatively new act. With production emulating a fluttering heartbeat, the lyrics in “What If” express a deep desire for another person’s love and trust while simultaneously revealing a growing anxiety that those feelings might not be returned.

“What If” illustrates an important piece of the human experience. The feeling of showing up for someone in a relationship, and not getting what you need in return. This can happen in romance, friendship, and even family. We all know how this feels, and while it can be hard to handle initially, it often leads to periods of growth, and self realization. This realization is what sets the protagonist in my Escapism EP on their journey of self actualization and discovery!

The full 6-track Escapism EP will be out August 4th.