Eclectic Indian artist Kaleekarma is fusing her passion for rhythm and melody to create masterful soundscapes that represent her love for unique sonic textures.

Having moved to Bombay in 2010, Kaleekarma quickly immersed herself in the sights and sounds of her local community. This inspired her to explore music, which led her down a path that allowed her to uncover a new perspective on life: “I was a confused person. It's only after music got into my life, clarity came into my life. It did a lot of, I can say, healing for me.”

Now Kaleekarma is performing throughout India and beyond, showcasing a motif that bridges various styles of house, trip hop, minimal, electronica, techno, downtempo and everything in between.

Mixmag travelled to Bombay to link with Kaleekarma in order to get to know the artist behind the music. Here we wander the streets of Bombay and get lost in the city’s nightlife to further understand the positive aspect this location has had on her as an artist.

Watch Mixmag’s mini-documentary on Kaleekarma below, which features music from the artist herself in collaboration with Agent and Daulat.