Coachella finally wrapped up its 2019 edition last night. The festival wrapped up its second weekend with a performance by Ariana Grande. That being said, a simple Ariana Grande performance would not be enough to send off Coachella in style. After all, if Coachella is known for one thing – it is special guests.

Ariana Grande shocked the crowd by bringing out Justin Bieber to perform his hit song ‘Sorry'. While the appearance seemed a bit random, the fact that the pair share a manager helps lend some semblance of coherence to the performance.

What cannot be excused throughout is how obvious Bieber's lip sync was throughout his song. This was Ashley Simpson on SNL level rough. Many times the vocalist can be seen with the mic down by his waist while lyrics continue to be pumped out.

While fans were excited none the less, we have to say this won't go down in history as one of Coachella's finer moments. Which is unfortunate as the rest of Grande's set was seriously impressive. The vocalist and songwriter is the youngest female headliner in the history of Coachella. Check out the clip below courtesy of TMZ.