Justin Beiber had himself quite a weekend at Coachella.

Though he’s still yet to appear on the poster himself, the Canadian superstar has made his fair share of appearances. This weekend seems to top all the rest, however.

For one thing, he met Mason Ramsey, the Walmart yodeling kid who made his much-hyped debut thanks to Whethan on Friday afternoon. Bieber was in the crowd cheering him on and the two even got a selfie — the ultimate seal of approval.

But it also appears that the Biebs got into another fight this weekend, although this time stemming from a rather well-intentioned place. He allegedly punched a guy in the face and threw him against a wall after the man grabbed a woman by the throat at a Coachella party, as reported by TMZ. Supposedly the man was kicked out and arrested soon after. Had it not been for Bieber though, who knows what could have happened.

Maybe the Biebs has even found his Purpose in these months off of music.

Via: TMZ