Joseph Capriati, a master of marathon DJ sessions, smashed the record for longest non-stop performance at Sunwaves Festival in Romania this past weekend with a 27 hour and 40-minute set.

Over the years, Sunwaves has become the go-to festival for DJ titans to show off their endurance behind the decks. Last year, Dubfire kicked Marco Carola off his marathon set throne with a 26 hour and 30-minute set during the event's 24th edition. Stealing the crown away from Dubfire, Capriati took to Twitter to express his gratitude.

With this latest session, Capriati beat his own personal record after he played for 25 straight hours at Heart Nightclub in Miami. Following this astonishing feat, the Italian DJ sat down with Mixmag to discuss the art of the marathon set and how he pulled it off. Check out the interview here.

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