With the release of his sophomore album, Timelines, Australian producer, Jordan F, has unveiled the latest single from the record titled “Set Me Free” featuring Morilla. The rising artist from the land down under has enlisted Morilla from Midnight Pool Party as the vocalist on “Set Me Free,” which serves as the perfect canvas to show off Jordan F’s infectious, disco style. “Set Me Free” is a disco classic through and through, as the throbbing, 80s-influenced bass line is expertly meshed with shimmering synths.

In celebration of the release of “Set Me Free,” Jordan F said, “The track is a fun and cheeky slice of upbeat synth funk that will make you feel like you’re with Leisure Suite Larry on his journeys through cosmopolitan hotels, ships, beaches, resorts, and casinos. The album as a whole follows the uplifting and laid-back, hazy-nostalgic path that was pioneered by the likes of Electric Youth and College, and marks a new chapter in my retro-synth journey.”

Jordan F – Set Me Free

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