JME is back with a new album titled 'Grime MC', which is available only on vinyl and CD now.

It marks the UK rapper's first full-length in four years, following 2015 LP 'Integrity', and features guest verses from grime artists such as Wiley, Giggs and his brother Skepta. Production comes from the likes of Preditah, Tre Mission and JME himself.

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The vinyl is only available to buy in UK record shops, while international fans can buy the CD Boy Better Know's website.

Wiley has been vocally supportive of the physical-only release, writing on Twitter: "Grime is a Physical genre and is a niche thing that is best when kept away from the charts and corporations."

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JME has said his agent that ‘Grime MC’ will be available as a digital release “in the future before I die.”

1. ‘Of My Life’
2. ‘P***ks’
3. ‘Issmad’
4. ‘Dem Man Are Dead’ (Feat. Skepta)
5. ‘This One’
6. ‘Nang’ (Feat. Skepta)
7. ‘You Watch Me’
8. ‘Badman Walking Through’ (Feat. Shakka & P Money)
9. ‘You Know’
10. ‘Knock Your Block Off’ (Feat. Giggs)
11. ‘Ding Ding Ding’ (Feat. President T)
12. ‘Yes Men’ (Feat. Wiley)
13. ‘Move On’
14. ‘How Much’
15. ‘Change’
16. ‘Here’
17. ‘Live’ (Feat. Merky Ace)
18. ‘Brothers & Sisters’

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