Jeff Mills has revived his Purpose Maker label, releasing two Terrence Parker remixes of his classic track, ‘If’.

The original track, also released on Purpose Maker in 1999, has been a standout of Mills’ more house-driven productions. The original version of ‘If’ was re-released last month, as a part of The Director’s Cut project recently started by Axis. Purpose Maker was initially launched as a house-outlet for the parent label Axis, in housey contrast to their more techno-centric releases.

The A-side of the EP features a new "Vox Soul Mix” by Merachka, a Detroit artist who collaborated with Parker on the track. The B-side remix features the original vocals by Anna F, with a driving revision of the arrangement. The 12” is currently available.

Listen to the original release, watch the new trailer and view release artwork below.

Jeff Mills revives his Purpose Maker label after nearly a decade

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