Techno whiz and cosmos fanatic Jeff Mills has introduced the debut of The Edgar Mitchell Affair - a brand new social gathering created by that honors NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s six-day mission to area on the Apollo 14.

The social gathering will likely be held on the music venue Ampere in Antwerp, Belgium on February 9 which marks the 49-year-anniversary of Mitchell's return to earth. On his return virtually half a century in the past, astronaut Edgar Mitchell grew to become a acknowledged and outspoken personage on the existence of clever extraterrestrial life.

"Brace yourselves for an evening in paranormal and ufology," warns the occasion's Facebook web page. "A transformable musical journey to the moon’s lunar floor and again. Along the best way, you may cross paths alien life or possibly even uncover you might be really from a unique planet your self, co-existing with people all alongside, with out even noticing these variations."

The Edgar Mitchell Affair, which is able to function curated visuals and a DJ set carried out by Jeff Mills all evening, asks its attendants to decorate up for the event. "Come as one thing totally different apart from your self," urges the occasion description. "Transform your look. You select. Free artistic make-up help will likely be supplied on the location. Your artistic cooperation is a side of nice significance for a full expertise."

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Last 12 months, Jeff Mills teamed-up with London-based radio station NTS and NASA for an exploratory six-part radio collection titled ‘Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’. Check it out by going here

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