Dutch DJ, producer, and Soave label head Jean Juan is back with his 3rd single, “Only Me” a deep progressive cut fit for the late night sets across the world.

With a Spotify play count of almost one million, Jean Juan’s debut single hasn’t gone unnoticed. His follow up “Strangers” was already somewhat darker, and his new single “Only Me” digs deeper into the realm of electronic music. The emotional vocal vibrates above deep synthesizer lines that drive the track forward to a drop that might even make your feet move. Check out “Only Me” below!

Jean Juan – Only Me

Baby, I’m losing my mind
Something’s invaded my sleep
I saw you go with that guy
I don’t know what to believe
When you say it’s only me

Baby, I’m losing my mind
Something is taking my breath
I want you to stay here tonight
Don’t be so cruel to me
When you say it’s only me