When Jauz revealed Twitter that he was teaming up with YOOKiE and Josh Pan for a pre-album treat, it’s safe to say that a lot people probably pictured dubstep. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this is anything but.

“Dinner Chat” is one the most unexpected singles we’ve heard from a group artists in a while, probably since that wonky YehMe2 and A-Trak collaborative EP. Regardless, “Dinner Chat” starts f with some subtle tribal percussion and vocal loops moving into old school breaks in the build before once again defying expectations at the drop. What we get is somewhere deep house and techno, with minimal synths and a pounding rhythm, accompanied by more vocal loops.

To say this collaboration was unexpected would probably be the biggest understatement 2018 so far. Check out “Dinner Chat” below.


Photo Rukes.com