Nao Yoshioka has a sound that’s composed for long summer nights

One of Japan’s most exciting songwriters – Nao Yoshioka – returns with her first album in five years, marking a triumphant return for the soulful Japanese singer. The new album”Flow” embodies themes of self-discovery and resilience, weaving a rich tapestry of soul, R&B, jazz, and funk. The album is a collaborative effort, featuring contributions from global artists like Devin Morrison, Takuya Kuroda, and Reuben James, and benefiting from the expertise of engineers Qmillion and Sam Brawner. It’s an album that feels tailor-made for the summer, flowing between RnB, Funk and the soulful side of pop music. There’s a production sheen throughout the album that showcases an artist at the top of her game.

“Being authentic—not stretching myself to be recognized by others—is where I needed to start. That’s why this feels like a true debut of the real me. Through this album, created with some of the world’s finest producers and artists who resonate with my new sensibility, I hope to share my experiences of immersion and self-liberation. My wish is for those who are struggling like I once did to find some light and a brighter state of mind.”Nao Yoshioka

“Flow” is a journey of renewal and unity, reflecting Yoshioka’s personal and artistic growth. Tracks like “Free as a Bird” and “Unapologetically Me” showcase her powerful vocals and lyrical introspection, set against lush, dynamic arrangements. There’s a The album’s production quality is top-notch, with each song offering a fresh, immersive experience.

Yoshioka’s narrative of overcoming personal struggles during the pandemic adds a poignant layer to “Flow.” The album stands as a testament to her resilience, offering listeners both solace and inspiration. From the vibrant “Feeling So Bright” to the introspective “Let It Flow,” Yoshioka’s authenticity and emotional depth shine through.

“Flow” is a compelling addition to Nao Yoshioka’s discography, blending her signature soulful sound with new influences and experiences.

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