JAD3D brings fans a new single titled “WAKE UP” with Dimitri Medina. For those unfamiliar with this talented artist, this song is sure to make a memorable first impression.

JAD3D and Medina combine a variety of genres that will instantly thrill listeners. We are all for artists going against the norm; this can only lead them to play around with different sounds and express their own creativity. Those who hear the track are sure to love the new yet experimental music. It is refreshing to hear new music that is unlike anything being released today

The new single features passionate yet powerful vocals from an unidentified artist. The singer is unafraid to express themselves and gives it their absolute all on “WAKE UP.” Fans are sure to sing and scream the incredible lyrics along with the exhilarating voice.

JAD3D and Dimitri Medina have created a remarkable masterpiece that deserves to be heard. Check out the new single below.