Critical Music duo Ivy Lab and Ninja Tune legend Amon Tobin (under his Two Fingers alias) have collaborated on a new track, titled 'Orange'.

It is Ivy Lab's first release of the year, having dropped their debut album, 'Death Don't Always Taste So Good', on 20/20 LDN last May.

Discussing the project, the North London duo remarked, "Amon is a legendary figurehead who we have endless amounts of respect for, and it was an honour to have the opportunity to work with him - we clicked well together in the studio and have already started making plans for future projects."

They continue, "‘Orange’ is unrelenting but restrained; its playfulness reflecting its modular analogue synthesis roots and its sobriety reflecting both artists' approach to minimalism in sound design."

Ivy Lab and Amon Tobin collaborate on new track, 'Orange'

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