Erica Synths has launched its latest innovation, the Nightverb desktop reverb unit. Created in collaboration with 112dB, Nightverb redefines what reverb can do by offering a unique stereo reverb algorithm and robust parameter control, all housed in a sleek aluminum case.

Designed to match Erica Synths’ successful desktop unit lineup, Nightverb promises to deliver highly long decay tails without compromising harmonic integrity, making it a game-changer for musicians and audio engineers alike. This reverb unit is going to be great for guitar players, undoubtedly. Still, it’s going to truly come into its own for music producers. As more and more of these types of musicians and artists lean into guitar and effects pedals like this to get accessible outboard gear, Nightverb could easily become the bell of the ball and best in class for what it does. So let’s chat about it!


Breaking Down Its Key Features

Nightverb’s development focused on enhancing the musicality of reverb effects.

It enables users to achieve exceptionally long decay tails without losing harmonic richness. This feature allows for individual note playback, chord holding, pitch shifting, and the creation of expansive ambient textures. Musicians can now explore new dimensions of sound, crafting intricate audio landscapes with ease.

Nightverb has a unique stereo reverb algorithm developed by 112dB, ensuring a highly musical and versatile reverb. This innovative algorithm and Erica Synths’ custom DSP engine provide insane processing power for detailed reverb design. Producers can fine-tune every aspect of their reverb effects through 12 comprehensive parameters, making it a perfect tool for creating intricate audio landscapes.

The unit’s MIDI CC controllability and two-way MIDI communication offer seamless integration with other MIDI devices. All parameters can be controlled via MIDI Continuous Controller messages, and they can also transmit MIDI CC messages. The freeze function with chromatic tuning, playable via MIDI notes, allows creative sound manipulation. Additionally, the configurable footswitch input adds flexibility for live performance control.

Nightverb crushes the game on its preset management, featuring 30 factory presets and 70 user preset slots, with preset export via USB. Its compact design, measuring 23cm x 14.5cm x 7cm and weighing 833g, ensures easy integration into any setup. Whether for studio use or live performances, Nightverb’s comprehensive features make it an essential addition to any musician’s toolkit.

What’s Included with Nightverb

  • NIGHTVERB reverb effects unit
  • Universal 12VDC wall wart adapter with power cable
  • User manual

Nightverb will be available for shipping by July 28th at a price of €490. Musicians and audio enthusiasts can find more information and place orders by visiting the Erica Synths Shop.


What makes Nightverb different from other reverb units?

Nightverb offers a unique stereo reverb algorithm developed by 112dB, combined with Erica Synths’ custom DSP engine, providing a highly musical reverb experience with extensive parameter control.

Can I control Nightverb with my MIDI keyboard?

Yes, all parameters are MIDI CC controllable, and the freeze function is playable via MIDI notes, making it highly versatile for live performance and studio use.

How many presets can Nightverb store?

Nightverb comes with 30 factory presets and 70 user preset slots. Users can also export presets via USB for easy management and sharing.

What is included in the Nightverb package?

The package includes the Nightverb reverb effects unit, a universal 12VDC wall wart adapter with a power cable, and a user manual.

When will Nightverb be available?

Nightverb will be shipping by July 28th, 2024.

Erica Synths’ Nightverb desktop reverb unit is set to revolutionize how musicians and audio engineers use reverb. With its unique stereo reverb algorithm, extensive parameter control, and sleek design, Nightverb offers a highly musical and versatile tool for creating rich, ambient soundscapes. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your audio experience—order your Nightverb today!

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