Last fall Los Angeles based promoter Space Yacht announced the launch of their new record label to help usher in the next era for the brand. Since then, the label has introduced a handful of rising electronic music talent. One of the most exciting producers Space Yacht has helped birth is Ranger Trucco. 

Ranger first relocated from Michigan to Los Angeles to attend music production school Icon Collective and pursue his music career. He graduated right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but continued to pursue music nonetheless. Ranger was discovered by Space Yacht label A&Rs LondonBridge & Hiddenhen when he submitted his track "Tiffany" to their live demo listening show on Twitch, Tune Reactor. The young producer was quickly swept up into the Space Yacht family.

Since then, Ranger's signature groovy beats have resulted in a top spot on the Space Yacht roster, where he regularly performs on their Tech My House live streams. Ranger released his debut EP, Tiffany on Space Yacht this past December. DJ Snake & Malaa supported the release, dropping his track “FTP” on their last stream. The talented young producer then shared his single “Sunday Best” on January via Space Yacht’s inaugural Tech My House Vol 1, which celebrated the collective’s six-year anniversary. 

Most recently, Ranger released his sophomore EP, Pretty Girls via the Space Yacht emblem. The EP is the amalgamation of deep groove, funky tech house, and more traditional four on the floor house music. We recently had a chance to catch up with Ranger about his rise to electronic music fame during the pandemic, his creative process, and more. 

Listen to Pretty Girls below and get your copy here.

Magnetic: Your new EP is called Pretty Girls. Aside from the obvious, why did you decide to name your EP that? Also, how would you say your sophomore EP differs from your debut EP?

Ranger: It was actually going to be The Giver EP up until about two weeks before the release. Henry Lu, one of Space Yacht’s founders, made a great suggestion that the EP title and first track should be the one with the original vocal on it!

This EP really focused more on showcasing percussion, sampling, and overall had a more driving energy to it. I really like how it contains my vocals in this different, less swung, style of tech house music. I want to continue to release diverse music.

Magnetic: Can you please describe your creative process?

Ranger: A lot of what I write songs about is just what I see in my everyday life or through social media. The Los Angeles club culture and influencer lifestyle is so wild to me. It provides some great stuff to write about. For example, I wrote this track about the group of girls who roll up to the club in a black Uber and skip the line.

My creative process is very dependent on getting outside, listening to music outside the genre of house, and first and foremost, just being in an overall positive headspace. If I am not feeling good, there is not a point in trying to force something out. Music production should never feel like a task.        

Magnetic: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

Ranger: My Dad and I have always shared so much music together and all throughout growing up, of every genre you could imagine. My parents always encouraged me to be very open-minded and forward-thinking. They always supported my dreams and let me try new things. Through that I was able to uncover what I am truly passionate about. My family inspires me to be the very best that I can be, and to always be true to myself. It makes navigating this path so much easier.

When it comes to other producers, Chris Lake has been my biggest inspiration. Watching the way that man work, keeping everything simple and organized while at the same time so catchy and powerful, it really helps me get through writer's block and prioritize the right facets of production. The range he covers from the Anti Up project to his early early releases is so satisfying. It reminds me to just be a musician and have fun with all of it.

Magnetic: From dropping out of college to pursue your dreams to now getting backed by the likes of AC Slater, DJ Snake, and Malaa, what have the last couple of years been like for you?

Ranger: It's still so hard to believe. I haven't even been able to take it in to the full extent, seeing as how we are still quarantined. I have celebrated some crazy achievements just alone in my apartment! It's a ton of work, a lot of self-doubt, and constant trial and error but to see the payoff, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I recently got to catch up with some college buddies and tell them about some of my progress. To see their reactions alone, in person, just made everything feel so worth it and real for me.                                 

Magnetic: What advice would you give to other electronic music producers looking to pursue music during this challenging time in history?

Ranger: Take full advantage of this time, I know that it is such a challenge, but it also has provided an opportunity to be closer to your favorite DJs, labels, and other industry professionals than ever before. Everyone had to put life on pause and just sit down at their computers! Build those bridges, join those Discords, raid those Twitch streams, and grind out those tunes. I can’t imagine the accessibility will remain the same when the country opens back up again!

Magnetic: What has the experience been like working with Space Yacht?

Ranger: Absolutely wonderful, every single person is just delightful to work with and so supportive of my vision. It has made releases so much less stressful to know I have such a great team alongside me and made LA so much less intimidating. I cannot thank them enough. This goes for more than just Rami and Henry but also Daniel, Teresa, Jaime, and Diego. They're all outstanding people.

Magnetic: Any positive takeaways from this past year?

Ranger: Quite a few, despite all the insanity. 2020 was really the biggest year of my life musically. I am a quarantine born DJ. I accomplished all these feats during quarantine. I hope that that in itself can maybe be a form of inspiration to someone. Throughout all the time alone and time spent producing, I really feel like I became stronger mentally and more comfortable with myself overall. I take a lot more risks productively and throw away twice the WIPS.

Magnetic: What can your fans expect from you for the rest of 2021 and on?

Ranger: More brand-new music during the first week of May. I have a ton of big announcements coming, but do not want to leak too much information. 2021 is a big year for me, and I really hope to continue to put myself on the radar of house music fans everywhere.

Magnetic: Anything else you'd like to share with fans?

Ranger: We will dance together soon. Thank you for your continued support. Also, eat more hot chicken.