A new year has come upon us with lots to face this year. DJs and producers from across the world less still face some of the same predicaments from 2021. Nonetheless, we have Brazilian DJ Bhaskar join us to fill us in on what his past year has been like, what influences his sounds, his goals, and much more.

Bhaskar's latest release "High" with Malifoo and 2STRANGE showcases his deep house sound and vibe too. Multiple collabs with Alok like "Killed By The City" highlight his ability to cross mix genres like a big room sound and his style. With releases now on Spinnin Records, Armada Music, and millions of plays on Spotify he is one artist tearing up the streaming charts. If you have not heard of him well, you can expect to see more of his name in the upcoming 2021 year. 

Bhaskar is one of the main electronic music producers to come out of Brazil. That being the case, he is also responsible for being one of the heavy influencers for the Universo Paralello Festival. Bhaskar previously has shown the masses of Brazil his style at major Brazilian festivals such as Lollapalooza São Paulo and Rock in Rio. However, Brazil isn't the only place wanting to hear his engaging sets. United States, Turkey, Australia, and several countries in Asia have gathered together by the thousands to dance and catch a glimpse of this Brazilian phenom. After speaking with him, it's clear talent runs in the family. 

1. Tell me about growing up in Brazil. What was life like for you? What did you enjoy about your childhood there?

I was kind of a nomad in my childhood. I lived in different places with different cultures and had contact with electronic music very early. My parents were always involved with music and have been DJs since 1999, so I couldn’t escape from it haha. I could say I had a really cool and different childhood.

2. How do you feel your parents influenced your music and career?

They never forced me to follow their path, but they were my heroes, so having them as references made me want to dig into the music. It was all-natural, I kept studying as a normal teenager, but when I was 18, I knew I’d follow with music for life.

3. What has quarantine been like for you? Where are you spending it? What doing you hate most about quarantine?

Quarantine has been hard for everyone in the entertainment world, but was also a time to grow. My team and I learned there are other ways of business inside the music, such as brand sponsorships and the importance of streaming, and for sure we’re getting out of it better than when it started.

4. What are some of your musical goals for 2021? Who would you like to work with?

For 2021 I’m planning to release my first album and do the “Follow The Sun” tour, the live stream project I created during quarantine that really took me to another level. Answering who I’d like to work with, there are many, but if I had to name three, I’d say Chris Lake, Camelphat, and Vintage Culture.

5.Who are some artists/songs you are listening to at the moment? 

And about who I’m listening to at the moment, I’m digging slower electronic music, like Stavroz, Rooftime, Bonobo, and a few others.