India Jordan has announced that they will release a new EP ‘For You’. It will be released Local Action on May 20.

This will be their first release of 2020. It was announced this week alongside the release of the eponymous lead single, a soaring, euphoric track that spans house and the happy hardcore sound that tracked India’s first forays into clubbing.

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The EP’s ‘you’ refers to India themself; the release speaks to their experience of growing up queer in the north of England. The press shots and cover for the EP were also shot in the toilets of Dalston Superstore, an important queer venue in East London that’s currently fundraising to be able to pay their freelance staff during the pandemic.

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For India, toilets have played a big part in their process of understanding their queerness. “They’re spaces for me to decompress, sort of get my head out and get some time away,” they comment in the press release. “When I was growing up, it wasn’t necessarily safe for me to show any public displays of affection with people, so toilets were a safe option.”

‘For You’ will be India’s second release for Local Action after their 2019 debut release ‘DNT STP MY LV’ and their collaborative EP with Finn ‘H.U.R.L/F.U.R.L’

Listen to the single ‘For You’ below.

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