Dutch DJ and producer Xavi del Mundo shares insights into his latest single, “Outta Your Mind,” in an exclusive interview. Xavi, who began his musical journey at 10 and honed his skills at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede, has garnered attention for his energetic and joyful tracks. His dedication to music led him to the national finals of the Kunstbende DJ competition and the semifinals of the World’s Biggest Demo Drop by Spinnin’ Records with his track “Watch Me (do my thing).”

Xavi has performed at numerous festivals, including Les Mills Megaquarterly in Veldhoven and Drishti Festival in Aspen, showcasing his dynamic performances. Beyond his music, Xavi is committed to supporting the music community by hosting Next Future Talents parties, providing emerging DJs with opportunities to perform. He also explores innovative ways to engage with his audience, such as using NFT ticketing and sharing streaming royalties with his fans.

In this interview, Xavi discusses the inspiration behind “Outta Your Mind,” his artistic growth, and offers advice to aspiring producers. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, building a strong online presence, and staying true to one’s vision. Xavi aims to create music that unites people, bringing joy and energy to listeners around the world.

1 – What was the inspiration behind “Outta Your Mind”?

After two successful releases with STORM, I was introduced to Menno, who had created the track’s topline. I immediately connected with it and felt inspired to produce something fresh and new.

I was in a great flow with my production work and wanted to try something different. This led to the creation of ‘Outta Your Mind,’ a track I am incredibly proud of. It’s important for everyone who creates something to feel proud of their work!

2 – How does “Outta Your Mind” differ from your previous works?

‘Outta Your Mind’ is a bit more uptempo, happy, and radio-friendly than my previous releases. It truly reflects my feelings and the energy I want to project—energetic, joyful, and cheerful. Being a student at the Conservatorium in Enschede, my production skills are constantly improving, and this track showcases that growth compared to my earlier works. It’s a testament to my development as an artist and my journey in music production.

3 – What motivated you to start your career in music?

From a young age, I’ve always been deeply drawn to music’s ability to connect people and evoke emotions. I started DJing at 12 and soon realized that creating my own music could further amplify this connection. By the time I was 15, I was producing tracks on Logic Pro X, inspired by legends like Armin van Buuren and Tiësto.

My passion grew as I saw how my music could energize and unite people, especially during live performances. I wanted to build a community where fans could not only enjoy my music but also be part of my creative journey!

4 – Do you have any advice for up-and-coming producers looking to find similar levels of success in their career?

Work hard and be persistent; success doesn’t come overnight. Stay dedicated to your vision, even when the journey gets tough. Use platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Hypeddit to showcase your music and connect with your audience, as building a strong online presence is crucial. Network actively with other musicians and industry professionals, as collaboration can open many doors.

So show your face! Always be open to feedback and never stop honing your skills. Surround yourself with a supportive team that believes in your vision and can help you navigate the industry’s challenges. Authenticity and hard work will set you apart in the music industry.

5 – What impact do you hope your music will have in the future?

I hope my music brings people together and creates a sense of community. I want my tracks to be the soundtrack to unforgettable moments, whether at festivals, parties, or during personal time. I aim to inspire and energize my listeners, making them feel free and joyful. Ultimately, I want my music to be a source of happiness, unity, and inspiration for people all around the world.

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