There are situations where discussions and arguments can’t solve anything. Munich-based producer Imisc has found the solution: dance it all out! In his new release, "Dancing Baby" ft J.O.Y, the 23 years old talented musician and producer, tells the story of a man totally blinded with his love for a woman who is lost in her own feelings. The situation is a mess, and so are the heroes. So as a solution, the man offers to dance as nothing else is left. 

Feelings are raw and chaotic, ready to burst, whereas the music is blissful with an inviting energy to it. The R&B tunes make you want to move to the rhythm and invite your loved one to the dance floor. After all, when the conscious gives its place to the raw emotions, everything becomes better and more transparent. Imisc's characters sick the sense of revelation and liberation from things that hold them back, and dancing will give them that experience. Both the idea and the performance of "Dancing Baby" are rare and beautiful. Give it a chance to invent new emotional mixes of chaos and positivity.