Toronto based duo Jill Harris and Thom Varey unite over their affinity for textured soundscapes, layered harmonies and airy electronic waves, forging the downtempo synth-pop duo Illyin Pipes. Their recently released debut EP Waking Up is a nostalgic look at an atmospheric, carefree summer with a melancholic, almost dark undertone. The hybrid approach is alternative rock infused indie electronic music that has a very unique sound to it. The 5-track-release is well worth diving into to. Stream the project below and under that check out a quote from illyin pipes.

“When I was writing the songs I was struggling with a few things while maintaining an illusion of being balanced and positive. The dichotomy of stability and disorder is present in the songwriting overall, even if that wasn't intentional at the time… Lose You” is the brain fog that follows a confusing breakup. vividly remembering pivotal, beautiful moments, while seemingly forgetting, or trying to forget, the reason it's over.” – illyin pipes