Fans have been waiting for this day to come since DJ-producer ILLENIUM released his latest album Ascend. The dance music artist brings fans his newest single “Nightlight,” the first release under the independent record label 12Tone.

Since the start of quarantine, fans have been looking for new releases from the talented music maker. After the release of the Ascend Remix Package and several months of silence, he returns with something extraordinary.

“Nightlight” is certainly one of ILLENIUM's greatest works. Created with his signature sound, any listener will be compelled to put this song on repeat.  The mysterious singer brings this song to life with intense lyrics and her emotional voice. There is no way you can walk unscathed after listening to this track. It is a true work of art that should be cherished by every dance music lover.

We can't wait to see what more is to come from the popular music maker. Surely, each new release will be just as great as the last.

Stay tuned for more releases by ILLENIUM.