EDM might have seemed sparse on the Coachella lineup when it was first revealed, but every single artist who took the stage this past weekend and represented electronic music brought their A-game. As the sun fell, the intensity only continued to grow in the polo fields, especially at the Sahara stage, where Illenium was set to blow minds on Sunday night.

While his entire set is obviously worth waiting for, there was one moment in particular that had us on the edge of our seats. Illenium had tweeted out earlier in the week that he had a VIP ready to unleash from himself, Said The Sky, and newcomer phenom 1788-L.

With 1788-L’s recent and intense explosion in popularity, the moment was indeed noteworthy.

As Illenium announced to the crowd not long into his set that he had new music coming, we were ready. As you can witness from the video below, the moment was accurately conveyed by the lightning and visuals team, as well as from Illenium himself. That distorted bass was the beginning to his more bass heavy section of his set, and what a way to kick things off…

Check out the video below posted by 1788-L’s fan group on Twitter.

Illenium x Said The Sky x 1788-L – Where’d You Go x Sound Of Walking Away VIP

I N C R E D I B L E@ILLENIUMMUSIC @SaidTheSky @l_1788 pic.twitter.com/WS3iidtDEz

— D R O N E S (@1788L_DRONES) April 16, 2018

1788-L was shown even more love during the set, playing out “Pulsar Beam” with “Afterlife.”

P U L S A R / B E A M@ILLENIUMMUSIC @l_1788 pic.twitter.com/pC1f4vd36M

— D R O N E S (@1788L_DRONES) April 16, 2018

With 1788-L getting love from Illenium, and also snagging a collaboration with Rezz (yeah, that’s happening), this project has us wondering more than ever who’s behind it.

Yeah, We have a collaboration that will blow ur brains out. No competition here, it’s team work.

— Rezz? (@OfficialRezz) April 13, 2018

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