Ian Munro is coming in hot with this one. The New Zealand artist is back again but this time with a whole new and ground breaking project. Released Quality Goods Records, Ian Munro's latest “Liminal” EP is a step into an exceedingly bright direction.

The EP has five tracks in total, first sweeping you away into the hazy, electronic-tinged ‘Palimpsest,’ which serves as a beautiful cinematic introduction. Striking piano chords and deep, drawling tones cut through the stillness in ‘Rush,’ featuring the talented Still Haze. Distorted, warped shards of melody and fuzzy sub-bass complement those plunging drum strikes. ‘Murmur’ begins as its name suggests before Ian Munro’s very own enveloping, pitched vox and emotive streams of warm instrumentals take control and leave you completely hooked. This track has been written, produced and sung entirely by Munro: adding yet another dimension to his artistry. The mighty UZ has co-produced ‘Without Me’ featuring Somber – an essential part of this collection. Searching tones fall heavily over a thick backdrop of cascading 808s and progressive synths – a fully immersive listen. ‘Again, Again’ closes this stunning affair with its huge, anthemic vocals and snapping rhythmicality.

Here's a quote direct from Ian Munro on the EP:

“A huge part of this project was in the pursuit of catharsis: a blind stab in the dark for something more – something tangible. You can fake it to try and play the game for a while, but that eats you up and spits you out hollowed. This EP is, in a way, my way of making sense of it all. Making sense of my place in the world — both musically and personally. I guess the concept of liminality really goes hand in hand with this. For a long time there, I was lost. I think this project really embodies those in-between moments that exist between discomfort and resolution – those moments of transformation and growth.”

Make sure to check out the full EP and visual video below!