i_o – Rootkit

Mondays are infinitely better when there is no work and new techno beats involved. This Memorial Day, hacker turned techno producer i_o has graced us with a new EP titled Rootkit. Releasing the two tracks off of house and techno populated label mau5trap, ‘Audiodust’ and ‘Passivex’ showcase two different sides of the producer, and balance each other out like yin and yang.

Insanely grateful for the support of this project thus far. ROOTKIT is a very special EP to me, and gives both sides of i_o: one side dark and driving, the other deep and euphoric.

I’m stoked to share it with you tomorrow.


— i_o (@i_oofficial) May 25, 2018

‘Audiodust’ features steady hypnotic sounds and repetitive vocals, while ‘Passivex’ is thumping techno through and through. To celebrate his new release, i_o put together episode 17 of mau5trap’s For Lack Of A Better Radio – an hour long mix of tech and house music.

i_o hasn’t played many shows yet as he’s so new to the scene, but during EDC Las Vegas he got a big break and played an Eric Prydz pool party. He then went on to go b2b with Jauz, Ghastly and Dr. Fresch. We can’t wait to see more of this mysterious man in 2018.

Check out Rootkit and i_o’s For Lack Of A Better Radio: Ep. 17

i_o – Rootkit | Stream