Humberto “El Gato” Rodriguez, a renowned podcaster and on-air personality, brings the intricate world of music to life through his podcast, “El Poder de la Música.” Available on major platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio, Rodriguez’s show delves into everything from music production science to spotlighting new and emerging artists. With a deep-seated passion for music, Rodriguez has curated a space where musicians, producers, and enthusiasts can discuss and explore the depths of the musical landscape.

The Gear Behind the Podcast

Rodriguez relies on the KRK ROKIT 7 G4 Professional Bi-Amp Powered Studio Monitors to ensure the highest quality sound for his podcast. These monitors play a crucial role in his audio setup, helping him produce a clean and accurate sound that matches the standards of the artists he interviews.

Rodriguez highlights several features of the KRK ROKITs that make them indispensable to his work. The front-facing bass ports are particularly beneficial for his small studio setup, preventing sound distortion caused by rear bass reflection. Additionally, the onboard LCD visual EQ allows Rodriguez to maintain flat settings and use EQ presets as needed, providing flexibility and control over his audio output.

For Rodriguez, authenticity in sound is paramount. He appreciates how the KRK ROKITs deliver honest and accurate audio, which aligns with his commitment to genuineness personally and professionally. This authenticity ensures that his listeners receive the most precise sound experience possible.

Rodriguez’s connection to music and audio equipment runs deep, beginning with his early career in a recording studio in the Dominican Republic. This foundation, combined with his journalism studies in Colombia and subsequent move to the United States, paved the way for his success as an on-air personality. His relationship with Gibson, KRK’s parent company, is built on mutual respect and a shared passion for quality and innovation.


What is “El Poder de la Música”? “El Poder de la Música” is a podcast by Humberto “El Gato” Rodriguez that explores various aspects of music, including production techniques, emerging artists, and scientific perspectives.

Why does Rodriguez prefer KRK ROKIT monitors? Rodriguez values the KRK ROKIT monitors for their front-facing bass ports, on-board LCD visual EQ, and overall sound accuracy, which are crucial for his podcast production.

How can I listen to “El Poder de la Música”? The podcast is available on major platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.

What makes the KRK ROKIT monitors suitable for small studios? The front-facing bass ports prevent sound distortion in confined spaces, making them ideal for small studio environments.

How long has Rodriguez been involved in the music and broadcasting industry? Rodriguez has been a staple in the pro audio industry for nearly 35 years, starting his career in the Dominican Republic and expanding his influence across various Spanish-language stations in Colombia and Florida.

What is Rodriguez’s relationship with Gibson and KRK? Rodriguez has a strong, familial relationship with Gibson and KRK, collaborating closely with Cesar Acevedo, director of entertainment relations for Latin America at Gibson.

Are there any specific features of the KRK ROKIT monitors that Rodriguez particularly enjoys? Yes, Rodriguez appreciates the on-board LCD visual EQ, the standby feature, and the front-facing bass ports, which enhance the functionality and sound quality of the monitors.

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